Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Making the Most of High-frequency Words and a freebie!

Back to school, back to school, seriously, back to school???? 
One important skill to review in the first few weeks first grade are kindergarten high-frequency words.  My district uses the Houghton Mifflin reading series to guide our curriculum.  We are pretty much "required" to teach the skills from the series, although we are fortunate to be given a lot of freedom in our delivery of these skills. 
Therefore, we teach the high-frequency words used in the series.  At the beginning of first grade, our theme is called, "Back to School."  There are 18 high-frequency words reviewed from kindergarten in this theme.  I use the word cards provided in the teacher's manual like in the photo

Then I photocopy them for my students to cut, have them find and circle them (or write them) in their student dictionaries, and send them home in their "words to learn" envelope.  Here's a picture of that envelope:
I also have created a really useful resource to review all of these words.  It contains 18 pages of a variety of activities to review the high-frequency words.  And hooray, it's free in my TPT store. 

Click here to head to my store to download this great free product!
Now that school is just around the corner, I'll be posting frequently!  Check back often for more great ideas!
Keep sparkling!

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