Sunday, July 29, 2012

Books, Batman, and Bane

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So, I spent my first afternoon of many in my classroom yesterday.  I've been in and out all summer, but usually with my 17 month-old son (who gets into EVERYTHING, that's why there is a beachball on the floor) or meeting with the new teacher I'm mentoring.  Yesterday was the first I could really dig in and try to get some order back in the place.  At the end of last year, I had a SMARTboard installed which is awesome!  But, I never really got my room the way I wanted it.  So, now my goal is to make all of my things work around the SMARTboard.  Here's what I walked into...ugh, cue shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, and flat-out anxiety attack:

I walked in there with a to-do list, but of course got side-tracked.  I was putting supplies away when I finally admitted that my closet was an absolute mess.  So I completely re-organized it and now I am in LOVE with that closet.  Since I didn't plan on doing it, I don't have any before/after shots.  Blast!

But, I did get my classroom library back in order. 
Here's the before, notice the shelves are still covered from when I packed the room up in June:

Here are some after shots:
Classroom Library

Classroom Library

Leveled Book Baskets

Tomie dePaola and Eric Carle baskets

I organize my library with tags I've made in a pink/green theme.  These tags probably have about one good year left in them and then next year I'll be doing something new.  The books are sorted either by level (if they are the type of book that are easily leveled, ex: Magic Tree House, Rookie Readers), by the month that I use them, or by subject area. 

Onto Batman and Bane.  So, my husband and I saw Batman Friday night and I left there completely obsessed with Bane's voice.  Has anyone else been intrigued?  The jury is still out on whether I like it or not.  I did my best Bane impression the whole way home and ended up sounding like Ross from "Friends" saying, "I'm the holiday armadillo!"  My husband then informed me that I sound like Ross every time I do an impression.  

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Keep sparkling!
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  1. You are going to LOVE your Smartboard!

    I am now an official follower. If you get the chance, I would love for you to hop over and visit me. =)

    Heather's Heart

  2. I think every teacher that walks into her classroom before school starts feels the same way as you. It all seems so overwhelming. I've been teaching for 26 years and I still feel overwhelmed when I begin to set my room up. I never know quite where to begin, but I just get started and eventually I get it done. Good luck! I am your newest follower. Stop by and visit my blog when you have time.

  3. I have not had the luxury of getting into my room yet (hopefully tomorrow), so I feel your pain. I'm sure I'll have plenty of things that will sidetrack me as well. Now, onto Bane....the coolest voice ever! I was trying to figure out if that was the actor's actual voice or a someone else's. What do you think?

  4. I am so glad you understand my thoughts on Bane!!!! I think I read somewhere that it is the actor's voice, of course I can't remember where I read that, but it also sounds sort of digitized too.
    Thanks for becoming one of my followers!!!