Saturday, January 26, 2013

We’ve Hit the Halfway Mark!

It’s all downhill from here!!!!  Tuesday was the 90th day of school, which is officially halfway through the school year.  Hooray!  To celebrate, we had Halfway Day in our little classroom all day long.  I started this celebration last year and my littles just L*O*V*E*D it (~their teacher did too~).  This will definitely be a celebration I continue throughout the ~many~ years I have ahead in my career. 

Here’s the banner that greeted my firsties, and lots of surprised, too tall adults, on Tuesday.


The previous week, I sent a letter home asking parents to help their students create a project for halfway day that shows the concept of one-half.  This year’s projects were great.  Some of our projects included half of a hard boiled egg, half of a bar of soap (the box it came in was cut in half too:), half of a baseball, half decorated cupcakes, etc.  The students had to complete a questionaire about their project as part of the assignment. 

Once we were proudly displaying our projects, we had a gallery walk and chose our favorites and asked questions of their creators.    We did lots of other halfway day activities too.  We planned and carried out a design for half of a decorated cupcake and half of a cup of juice.  We read books about one-half.  We completed a fun center called, “Will that be Pick-up or Delivery?” which as you can guess was all about pizza. 

You can check out all of these activities and more in my new packet.  Just click the picture below to check it out.


Now it’s only 7 more school days until we celebrate again for the 100th day!  Wow!  It may seem like a lot of days full of fun (also educational) activities, but during the long, cold, snowy months of January and February, sometimes we need a little nudge to get us out of bed and excited about school in the morning! 


  1. This is a great idea! It's the perfect time to reflect on how far our little learners have come! :)
    (I'm sharing this post on my FB page today-- it's a fantastic idea!)


  2. What a great idea! I've always thought of halfway the 50th day since everyone always celebrates 100, but I like the idea of halfway through the year too! (and don't we teachers need to remember that too! lol)


  3. I love this! I never even thought of this halfway idea...what a great lead up to the 100th day! Thanks!

  4. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. I recently purchased some of your Houghton Mifflin theme packs. They're great! Will you be making some for themes 7-10? Would love to grab them. Thanks!

    1. So glad you like the HM packets! I will be creating and posting further packets. Look for theme 7 to be posted by Feb. 1st:)

  5. HIP HIP HOORAY indeed! I had no idea it was Half Way Day! Great idea for your unit! I am so excited to find a new fellow first grade teacher to link up with. Happy to be your newest follower!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe