Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Harvest Party Freebie

I've always thought it was tough to come up with unique ideas for my annual Fall Harvest Party.  Some of you may know this as a Halloween party, but at my school, it's a Fall Harvest Party.  All parents always want to send a treat and we just don't need that much food.  So, I usually have a lot of them send of bag of wrapped candy.  But...what to with all of that candy???  A candy scramble is too old-school, unstructured, uninspired, not curriculum-related, etc. 

Then one day last year, the "Autumn Blend" idea was born!  For this station (it's only one of many of our rotations), I place a large assortment of wrapped candy and let students choose 6 pieces of candy (no more than 2 of any kind), and create a recipe along with this cute little saying:

Great news, this year I made this activity into a freebie packet in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Click on the picture below to head on over and download.  If you decide to download, please leave your feedback and consider following my store and my blog.

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