Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fun with Chrysanthemum and Friends

This week has FLOWN by!  We have been having so much fun reading books by Kevin Henkes, learning color words, reviewing the alphabet, getting to know each other, using ten-frames and dot patterns, and the list goes on and on and on and on.
A big hit has been Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes.  My kiddos LOVE this book, which just melts my heart because of the important message it sends.  I am lucky enough to have both a SMARTboard in my classroom as well as a subscription to BookFlix.  My district is really emphasizing incorporating technology as much as possible, so......we read Chrysanthemum on BookFlix and used the SMARTboard for one of our follow-up activities. I have to say, the SMARTboard is simply awesome.  There is no other word to describe it. 
Here are some scenes from our 2 days with Chrysanthemum:
Deciding how many of the letters in our name are in the alphabet
Autograph Party and Letter Count
 Using a venn diagram to compare and contrast the letters in our names
I used the SMARTboard by pulling up this PDF and just using the SMART markers to complete the diagram.  We were able to compare/contrast LOTS of names.
Our homework assignment: Find out how you got your name
The Great Name Graph
If you haven't yet purchased my Chrysanthemum packet, check it by clicking on the picture below.
We also read Wemberly Worried and created a great craftivity I found at Mrs. T's blog.  Check it out here.
On Tuesday, we will be reading Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse as a part of our Fun with Color Words unit.  I'll blog about that unit next week.

Have a great weekend!  Stay posted because I have two great NEW freebies coming soon!

Keep sparkling!

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