Friday, March 29, 2013

Hippity Hoppity, a sale is on its way!

To celebrate the {finally} warmer spring weather here in PA, I’m slashing prices in my TpT store for the weekend.  Hop on over to my store for 20% off of all my products!  Fill your basket shopping cart full of the eggs teaching resources you’ve been eyeing up. The sale starts tomorrow, 3-30 and runs through Sunday night, 3-31.


While you’re shopping, be sure to check out my newest product!


I’m just in love with these cute pages to teach the sounds of y!



Friday, March 15, 2013

Five for Friday

We had a great week this week.  From 19 parent-teacher conferences in one day to cooking pancakes for my students, we did a lot of learning and had a lot of fun too.   


1.  Swooning over spoons!  This week our phonics skill was the oo sound like in the word spoon.  So, we made this adorable anchor chart. 




I wrote on plastic spoons with a black Sharpie, then taped them to chart paper.  Easy-peasy!

2.  We held Traffic School in our classroom.  An important concept of print is interpreting environmental print.  The MAP test we take has a bit of a focus on street signs.  So off to traffic school we went!


I posted 10 traffic signs around the classroom and the students used clip boards to draw pictures of the signs and try to interpret their meanings. 


3.  Parent-Teacher Conferences

Well, no more parent-teacher conferences until next year.  I had 19 conferences on Wednesday afternoon/evening.  I was sp-ent by the time I got home that night.  Lucky for me I only had 2 conferences on Thursday. 

This is the sign above my classroom windows, that they parents faced as they sat with me at my table. 


4.  This baby came with our class book order this week!  I spent pretty much every bonus point I had on this sweet puppy.  Cannot wait to use it!


5.  And finally, today I made my first graders pancakes.  Our main story this week was If You Give A Pig A Pancake.  So, of course we read a recipe so that we are understanding how to read to perform a task.  Then I got busy and cooked pancakes for my class. 


I had some toppings to pretty up our pancakes (cherries, whipped cream, syrup, chocolate chips, and sprinkles).  The students were allowed to choose 2 toppings.  050

The students had to complete this paper to write about what they asked for when I gave them a pancake.  I’ll compile all their responses into a class book to add to our classroom library.


I’m looking forward to next week, when this will be at our pocket chart center!



Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Five for Friday

Well, it was quite a week!  We had a *Snow Day* Wednesday for what was predicted to be over a foot of snow, but what amounted to maybe six inches.  The snow was pretty much melted by noon and then it rained for a little while.  So I enjoyed an extra day off with my little guy and spent some time working on report cards & drinking lattes.
Speaking of report cards, in my district we do them SIX times a year.  Yes, six.  I feel like I am constantly doing report cards.  We will be handing them out next week at our spring parent teacher conference.  And here is the start of my Five for Friday.
#1---I am so glad I created this Parent-Teacher Conference packet.  It has been invaluable in helping me prepare for my conferences.  It includes anything and everything you could need for before, during, and after parent-teacher conferences.  Click on the picture to check it out in my little store.1
#2---We made cupcakes and birthday cards to say happy birthday to a certain famous author who has a March birthday.  015017
#3---We learned about the long o sounds spelled with oa and ow.  Check out our fun anchor chart:014
My kiddos really loved these two videos as a part of our oa and ow learning. 
Electric Company oa owElectric Company oa racer
#4---Our sparkly shamrocks!  These were created from an idea featured in an old issue of The Mailbox magazine.  It’s a simple craft using small paper plates, gold glitter, green paint, and a craft stick.  I’m planning on “planting” them in green floral foam next week to display during parent-teacher conferences.018
#5---Cupcakes!  Our pocket chart center this week is one of my favorites: Cupcake Compound Words.  Check it out in my store!
Have a great weekend!