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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Daily Freebie Giveaway

It's back...The daily freebie giveaway!

Each day for the next ten days, one of our best products will be given away for free!  Just visit our store to see today's freebie!

First up for free, The August Early Finishers Pack.  This is perfect for the beginning of the school year for your early finishers to practice phonics, number sense, beginning addition, sight words, color words, alphabet recognition, patterns, and more!  I use this product EVERY year!

Remember each product will be free for one day only.  So check my store each day to see which amazing product we're giving away for free.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Hi Again!

It’s about time that this little blog was up and running again!  I started writing this blog 6 years ago and let’s just say I’ve been inconsistent at blogging about keeping the sparkle in first grade.  Starting today, you will be able to find new content here on Shining and Sparkling in First Grade on a much more regular basis.

Remember Me?

This will be my 18th (gasp) year of teaching!  I taught special education for 8 years and am entering my tenth year of teaching first grade.  I love to add *SPARKLE* and *GLITTER* to EVERYTHING!!!!  I also love to be creative and I can’t wait to share some of my best ideas here with you on my blog. 

At home, I’m a very busy mommy and wife, which is why I’ve taken an unplanned hiatus from blogging for the last couple of years.  I have a son who is 7 and about to start second grade and a daughter who is 4 going on 14.  These two mean everything to me.  My husband and I have been married for 11 years and he is one of those rare guys who is truly a partner and we share all the responsibilities.  We also have a little dog that we love very much. 

Upcoming Fun!
I'm sure by now you've heard that there's a big sale over at Teachers Pay Teachers!  Take a minute to check out my store.  And keep following my blog!  In a few days, there will be a special announcement regarding daily giveaways of my hottest items.  You don't want to miss out!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Back To School Freebie Giveaway!

Here at Shining and Sparkling in First, school starts in 10 days! The Countdown is on and to celebrate, we’re giving away a different free product every day for the next ten days! Starting on 8/6, check out our FREE DOWNLOAD listed at the top of our TPT store. It will change daily and it will be one of our fantastic resources that have NEVER been offered for free before. You don’t want to miss a single day!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Early Finishers FREEBIE

What do you do with those students who ALWAYS finish early?  From the very first day of school in my very first year of teaching, I’ve struggled with what to do with my fast finishers.  I’ve tried just about everything, but nothing worked well enough to become a routine or an established practice in my classroom.  I always felt like I was punishing the students who finished early by giving them something monotonous to do.  So, two years ago, I decided enough was enough and I worked to come up with a solution that would challenge my fast finishers and maintain their interest, yet still hold them accountable for their extra learning. 
So, after MUCH thought, time, and hard work, I created Tired Teacher Timesaver Early Finisher Packs.  These packs are 20 pages of math and language arts NO PREP printables designed with first graders in mind.  The skills reviewed are directly related to the common core and reflect first grade curriculum goals.  Each packet was designed with the seasonal themes and holidays occurring each month, with cute graphics to match.  I also worked hard to ensure that the skills I reviewed would challenge my students without overwhelming them. I even created a special cover sheet! Click on any of the pictures for a closer look.
Every month I have the packets copied front/back and stapled in packets with the cover sheet.  Then, I hand these packs out as students finish their work early.  The students keep these packets in their desks to pull out and work on when they have a few minutes to spare.  These are not packets the students can just breeze through.  Each page often involves multiple steps.  I make a big deal and celebrate the students who complete the packets. 
The skills become progressively more challenging as the school year progresses.  The pack for August is basically a kindergarten review, while July’s packet is an end of first grade review.  Here’s a look at a few of the pages you’ll find in these packs.  Click on any of the pictures to view the entire packet.
While these are designed as Early Finisher Packs, many teachers have told me they use them for morning warm-ups, homework, summer skill review, and a variety of other uses.  The possibilities are endless!
In conjunction with TPT, I’m happy to announce a LIMITED TIME FREEBIE!  I’ve reached an important milestone in my creative sharing opportunity with Teachers Pay Teachers and I’m celebrating by offering my April Early Finishers Pack for FREE!!!!!  Click on the picture to download it today before time runs out!  While you’re downloading, be sure to check out my other Early Finisher Packs!  They are all on sale for a limited time only!

Friday, December 13, 2013


If you are looking for an affordable way to spoil your students this Christmas, then you have come to the right place.  How about a Christmas coupon book? 
Last year I gave these out and my students LOVED redeeming them throughout the rest of the school year.  It was really cute to see who spent them all in the first week and who saved them right up until the end of the school year.  Those coupons sure did burn a whole in the pocket of some of my students. 
This book of coupons is completely free and you’ll only have to print, cut, and staple to prepare your booklet.  The following five coupons along with a cover page are included:
  • No homework pass
  • 20 Minutes free computer time
  • Eat lunch with your teacher
  • Switch seats with a friend for the day
  • Bring a stuffed animal to school
I have updated the coupons with an expiration date of "last day of school" and I have changed my name to “your teacher.”  The pictures shown are from last year, since I’m currently on maternity leave and won’t be seeing my students this Christmas. Just click on the picture above to download the coupons. 
Since I love all that glitters, I also gave my students a set of sparkly pencils with a cute gift tag. 
Again, I have changed the date to 2015.  Feel free to click on the pic to download your free set of gift tags!
Time for me to get back to my sweet bundle of joy who is one month old today!!! OMG, where is the time going??
Disclaimer:  This post is a blast from the past and basically an update of a post I wrote last year after receiving requests to change the datesSmile