Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where I Teach Wednesday

Where I Teach Wednesday
Hi friends!  I'm sharing pictures of my {pretty much} finished classroom.  There are still a few touches I need here and there, but by this time tomorrow night, I will have met all my new firsties and hopefully the room they saw was complete! Please forgive me...some of these pictures were taken early in the "getting the room ready" process, while others I took just two days ago.  If they don't seem to jive together, that's why.
These are a few pictures of my kiddos' desks.

A few of our centers
More shots of important parts of our room


And lastly, a few of our bulletin boards

I hope you enjoyed this mini-tour of my classroom!  Now that I've posted this blog and put my sweet little guy to bed, it's time to cut lamination, add finishing touches to my Power Point presentation for tomorrow's meet the teacher night, make Rice Krispie Treats, label folders, watch a rerun of Modern Family, drink a Diet Cherry Coke, and hopefully feel my head hit the pillow by midnight.
Good luck to all of you.  This is such a busy, but exciting time of year for all of us!
Keep sparkling!

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  1. Your room is coming along nicely and have fun with your firsties. I love your jewel jar. I do a magic jar and the kids get a sprinkle of fairy dust magic at the end of the day. They love it. Stop by my newbie blog when you get a chance.

    Keep the magic!- First Grade Fairy Magic